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Bodrum Municipality

Bodrum Pedesa Ancient City

According to Homer, having been the supporters of Troy together with the Carians during the Trojan War, the Leleges lived in the city of Pedasos in the south of Troy and after the Trojan War they moved to the south and settled in the vicinity of Halicarnassus of the Caria Region.  Having been mentioned along with the Carians during and after the Trojan War in ancient documents, the Leleges founded eight cities in the Region of Caria, on today’s Bodrum Peninsula. One of these important founded cities is Pedasa. Having said: "The people from Pedasa lived inland off the shore beyond Halicarnassus.", Herodotus gives the most important information regarding the location of Pedasa. The only city on Halicarnassus was Pedasa. This point of view was confirmed by an inscription, found in the Temple Terrace in 2008.

The Necropolis areas with the Acropolis, surrounded by walls in the settlement center, terraces for agricultural activities, farmhouses and all the parts forming Pedasa, a Lelegian city in its territory are present. Belonging to a period, which starts from the late 2nd millennium BC and dates back to the end of the Byzantine period (13th century BC), archaeological remains and finds have been brought to light by the excavations and researches carried out in Pedasa up to the present.

After the surface surveys in Pedesa ancient city, which is mentioned often in documents and for this reason well known, systematic archaeological excavations began since 2007.