Bodrum Municipality


Bodrum Municipality

Aspat Castle & The Ancient Settlement of Termera

Aspat Castle is on the peaks of the conical hill overlooking the Aspat Bay of Akyarlar and the ancient settlement of Termera is on the Hill of Asarlık, 1 km above Mandra Village, which is 2 km far away. There is no road between Aspat and the village of Mandra, hence the distance can be reached on foot. However the village of Mandra is reachable by car by following the road starting from the Village of Gürece, where Telmissos is located.

The ancient city of Termera is like other Lelegian cities and there are hardly any remains left, which have survived to this day. The inner castle at the peak was completely destroyed and a part of the walls on the slope are still remaining.