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Bodrum Municipality

Bodrum Maritime Museum

Bodrum Maritime Museum, fort he first time as a project, has begun with the exhibition which briefly presented values of Bodrum by showing 18 meticulously constructed Bodrum type boad models in a tent of 144 m²  range in front of Bodrum Castle, within the scope of Bodrum Yacht Festival in October 2010. With the project leadership of Bodrum Chamber of Commerce and significant contributions of Bodrum Municipality, the project made progress as ‘Exhibitions of Museum Project’ and was opened to the public in October 15, 2011 after the allocation of the former Bedesten building in the center of Bodrum as a Museum.

The Project began with the mastery construction of ‘Bodrum type’ boat models by Ali Kemal Denizaslanı, who is a great expert-artist from Bodrum.These boats have an important place in the economic, social and cultural life of the region in Bodrum and their 48 models are currently exhibited as constructed faithfully to their original forms.

On the second floor, a special section of ‘Hasan Güleşçi Seashell Collection’ was opened in December 23, 2011.Here is presented a rich and invaluable collection (up to 6000 seashells representing 168 families) composed of seashells collected by Hasan Güleşçi from different parts of the world in nearly 40 years.

On the section of  the ‘Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı Collection’, with the briefing starting with Kabaağaçlı's family tree, as well as selected photographs from the writer’s life, personal belongings and historical writings, objects, manuscripts and drawings are exhibited. 

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