Bodrum Municipality


Bodrum Municipality

Binnaz Karakaya Indoor Sports Hall

To ensure a healthy lifestyle, Bodrum Municipality Binnaz Karakaya Sports Centre Fitness Division is open to everyone who would like to keep fit using versatile sports equipment.

Fitness and Body Building Division is open every day between 09.00 am - 22.00 pm except for Sundays.


Bodrum Municipality Binnaz Karakaya Sports Centre has opened its doors in 2005. With its 450 seats capacity, all sort of sports activities, events, and festivals can be held in this multi-purpose centre. The centre is also available to rent for special events.

At the centre;

*Men's and Women's Regional League Basketball Tournaments

*Women's Regional League Volleyball Tournaments

*Women's Local League Volleyball Tournaments ( Youth, Stars, and Juniors leagues)

*Men's local Leauge Basketball Tournament (Juniors, Youths, and Stars leagues)