Bodrum Municipality


Bodrum Municipality


History and art have become intertwined…

At the southern foot of Göktepe mountain in the middle of Bodrum Peninsula, this theater is one of the oldest theaters in Anatolia. Having been restored by a group of Turks in the 1960s, the theater hosts many festival events. Tourists who come to see the theater do not realize how those pleasant hours pass while they sit there and watch the boats leaving and approaching the harbor.

Among the interesting characteristics of the theater we can collocate the altar where the victims were sacrificed for the sake of Dionysus before the plays and the holes, maybe used as canopy in between some seats. With a distance of 40 cm between each seat, the theatre has a capacity of 13.000. You can see the tombstones carved out of stone during a short climb to Göktepe Mountain. This carved tombstones from the Roman and Hellenistic Period still bears ancient time’s death symbols and various sarcophaguses (some remains are still exhibited in the Castle Museum).