Bodrum Municipality


Bodrum Municipality

Hagia Nicholas Church

Having been built in 1780 in a 370 square meter garden in the center of Bodrum, Hagia Nikola Church is located in a square in the Çarşı District, known as Bodrum's old town. Having become derelict over time, the church takes its name from Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of sailors. 

Hagia Nicholas was a Christian Saint of 4. century, who lived in the vicinity of Myra in Lycia (Demre).He was known as Nicholas of Bari or Nicholas of Myra. On behalf of his name, there are numerous churches built.

In different districts of the Bodrum Peninsula, there are numerous churches and chapels. Bringing together eastern and western cultures with its important geographical location, starting from the early Bronze Age, in every period of time, the Bodrum peninsula was a region of living and development for numerous folks and was adorned by their cultural codes.