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Sister Cities

Sister Cities

Borçka / ARTVIN

Bodrum Municipality & Borçka Municipality

    Borçka is a town and district center located in the Artvin province of the Black Sea Region of the Republic of Turkey. Its former name was Porçha, and it appears as Borçha in Ottoman records. Later, it took the form of Borçka. Borçka is one of the most visited and popular places that attracts a large number of visitors throughout the year.
    It is located in the Nigali Valley on the banks of the Çoruh River. The road from Batumi to Kars and Erzurum passed through Borçka. On the other hand, the settlement was also one of the docks for transportation by boat on the Çoruh River. 
    Following the decision of the Bodrum Municipality dated 11.07.2019 and the Borçka Municipality Council Decision dated 08.06.2019, a Sister City relationship has been established between the two city municipalities.