Bodrum Municipality

The Mayor's Biography



Born in Turgutreis, Bodrum, in 1994, Tamer MANDALİNCİ is the fourth-generation descendant of the visionary Mehmet Hilmi MANDALİNCİ, who revered for his pioneering spirit, facilitated the union of Bodrum's mandarin heritage with its landscape by introducing the region's first mandarin seedling, a product now recognized as a Geographical Indication.

After completing his primary education in Bodrum and earning a degree in Architecture from Haliç University in Istanbul, MANDALİNCİ returned to Bodrum to commence his professional career. Alongside his professional pursuits, MANDALİNCİ shares his life with Sezil TAMER MANDALİNCİ, a colleague in the same field.

Tamer MANDALİNCİ became actively involved in politics during the 2019 local elections. At the age of 25, MANDALİNCİ was elected as the youngest member of the Municipal Council. During his tenure, MANDALİNCİ fulfilled significant roles, including acting Mayor, Member of the Municipal Board, Secretary Member of the Municipal Council, member of Zoning Commission of the municipal council, Member of the Board of Directors of Bodrumspor Sport Club and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the ‘Bodrum Social Solidarity & Assistance Foundation’.

In the local elections convened on Sunday, March 31, 2024, MANDALİNCİ, who ran as the Republican People's Party candidate for Bodrum Mayor, was elected as the new Mayor of Bodrum.