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Sister Cities

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(Eskişehir) Tepebaşı Municipality

    Having gained district status in 2008, Tepebaşı is located north of the Porsuk River, which divides the city into two parts. According to the 2020 TÜİK data, Tepebaşı population in Eskişehir province is determined as 371,303. Anadolu University, one of the important universities of the city and our country, is located in Tepebaşı. Tepebaşı, which consists of 91 neighborhoods, is located in the north and northwest of the Eskişehir city center. 
    The Representatives of Bodrum Municipality and Eskişehir Tepebaşı Municipality have made many reciprocal visits. In October 2019, Bodrum Deputy Mayor Ummahan Yurt participated in the Equality Units Workshop held in Eskişehir by the Local Monitoring, Research and Applications Association, examined activities related to gender equality on site, and later visited Ahmet Ataç, the Mayor of Tepebaşı in his office. As a result of the productive bilateral meetings, the "Gender Equality Unit" was established within our municipality with the support of Tepebaşı Municipality, following the projects and works we have examined. 
    The International Eskişehir Fired Clay Symposium, traditionally organized by Tepebaşı Municipality, could not be held in 2020 due to the pandemic; however, within the scope of this year's concept of the symposium, the opening of the work depicting "a woman with blue hair waving in the wind" using Eskişehir soil was realized in Bodrum Kumbahçe in July by Assoc. Prof. Esra Sağlık Şenalp, with the participation of Ahmet ATAÇ, the Mayor of Tepebaşı and our Mayor Ahmet ARAS. After the opening, Mr. Ataç was hosted by our Mayor Ahmet ARAS in his office, and a productive meeting was held for the sustainability of our bilateral relations. 
    On July 1, 2021, Tepebaşı Municipality approved the summary decision of Bodrum Municipality to establish a "Sister City Relationship" with Bodrum Municipality; however, due to our focus on the struggle against the forest fires that started in Bodrum in July this year and subsequently on the services of disaster victims through the Coordination Center organized by our municipality, Tepebaşı Municipality's decision was communicated to us in January 2022. 
    Ahmet Ataç, the Mayor of Tepebaşı made a series of contacts in our region where forest fires occurred, and had a meeting with our Mayor Ahmet Aras in his office. Mr. ATAÇ, who conveyed his condolences on behalf of the people of Eskişehir, donated 700 seedlings to reforest the forests destroyed in other disaster areas, including Bodrum. In addition, between December 11-13, 2021, there were productive meetings with their departments during the visits of Tepebaşı Municipality to the Financial Services Unit within our municipality.
    After the Tepebaşı Municipality Council Decision dated January 7, 2021, Bodrum Municipality established a Sister City relationship between the two city municipalities with a municipal council decision dated February 3, 2022.
    On September 30, 2023, in the spirit of sister city relations between Tepebaşı Municipality and Bodrum Municipality, as well as in commemoration of the Republic's 100th anniversary, Bodrum Municipality organized a concert titled "The Sound of Two Hands: Children's Symphony Orchestra" (İki Elin Sesi Var Çocuk Senfoni Orkestrası) in collaboration with Tepebaşı Municipality in Eskişehir, the sister city.