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Sister Cities

Beşiktaş / ISTANBUL

Bodrum Municipality & Beşiktaş Municipality

    Bodrum Municipality was informed about the Field Solution Movement practice initiated by Besiktas Municipality at the "Mayors' Meetings" where successful practices in local administrations were shared by many district municipality representatives in Turkey. Discussions were held with the Mayor of Beşiktaş Municipality, Mr. Rıza AKPOLAT, for the implementation of the project in Bodrum Municipality's service activities. Following these discussions, the "Field Solution Movement" project was initiated by the "Press and Public Relations Department" of Bodrum Municipality. A visit was made to Beşiktaş Municipality to see the mentioned application on-site and exchange ideas on its operation. Bodrum Municipality officials have held discussions with Beşiktaş Municipality's Field Solution Movement Unit in this regard.
    Considering Bodrum's structure with high migration, Bodrum Municipality has signed a protocol with Besiktas Municipality on the Field Solution Movement application as a necessary aspect of Social Municipality, to reach all residents of Bodrum from NGOs to tradesmen, educational institutions to disabled citizens, and to directly interact with citizens, establish communication channels for all requests, wishes, and complaints, and to solve infrastructure problems. 
    Bodrum Municipality Council Resolution dated 03.03.2022 and Beşiktaş Municipality Council Resolution dated 11.03.2022 have established sister city relations between the two municipalities.