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Sister Cities

Arsuz / HATAY

The Establishment of a Sister City Relationship Between
Arsuz (Hatay) & Bodrum Municipalities

    After the earthquake disaster that directly affected ten of our provinces centered in Kahramanmaraş on February 6, 2023, as Bodrum Municipality, we consulted with NGOs under the leadership of Bodrum Governorship to deliver aid to the disaster area with our Mayor, Mr. Ahmet ARAS, and other relevant municipality employees, 2 transit minibusses, 2 mobile kitchens, 2 tow trucks, 2 trucks, 2 excavators, 1 low bed, and 1 ambulance. After the earthquake, with the valuable support of our people, Bodrum Municipality provided support for the delivery of aid to the disaster area in line with the consultations held with the governorate. Our Municipality established the 'Bodrum Municipality Hatay Arsuz Friendship City' in the EXPO area located in Arsuz district of Hatay province to be able to provide healthier services to our earthquake-stricken citizens. In our Friendship City, we continue our work with 19 vehicles and 49 staff members of Bodrum Municipality to serve our earthquake-stricken citizens in the best possible way.
    A total of 930 people, including 140 children, are accommodated in our 'Bodrum Municipality Hatay-Arsuz Friendship City,' which we have set up in Arsuz district. In our Friendship City, which has an infrastructure system, we provide services with 79 containers, 132 tents, 1 administrative building (prefabricated), 400 m² prefabricated building, a children's playground, a pharmacy, a 2-classroom kindergarten (container), and a primary school in 1 tent with 5 educators. In the 20,000 square meter area with 21 toilets and 19 showers, Bodrum Municipality personnel, as well as 2 doctors, 1 nurse, and 19 volunteers, are on duty. In our Friendship City, we provide 3,000 hot meals daily at 8 points with 2 of them being mobile and a total of 5 kitchens.
    As the Municipality of Bodrum, there are currently around 8,000 earthquake victims in our district among the citizens affected by the disaster. With the coordination of AFAD, Bodrum Governorship, Bodrum Municipality, BODER, TÜRSAB, and local NGOs, the accommodation needs of earthquake victim citizens are being met. As Bodrum Municipality, we have responded to 5,034 people who contacted our municipality for transportation and accommodation from the earthquake zone. The number of people accommodated in hotels through our municipality's organization has reached 250, but some of them have left these hotels later. The number of earthquake victims who have been provided transportation to Bodrum and settled with their relatives is 76, and the number of people we provided transportation to Bodrum with our vehicles is 202. 
    Within the scope of the aid provided to our resident citizens, the clothing and hygiene needs of 210 earthquake victims have been met. 38 earthquake victims with health problems have been taken to hospitals for treatment. 27 citizens who lost their identities in the earthquake have been taken to the District Population Directorate to obtain new identity cards. Games are played and toys are given as gifts to 82 children who are most affected by the earthquake with the guidance of pedagogues to provide them psychological support. Many activities and workshops are organized, especially for children affected by the earthquake, including the Bodrum Municipality Maritime Museum. The distribution of 'Municipal Public Milk' to the hotels where earthquake victims are accommodated has been carried out for our children who need milk. 
    As the Municipality of Bodrum, in response to these difficult times, we have provided support to our citizen victims with extraordinary measures and solidarity. Therefore, on 02.03.2023, we made a Municipal Council resolution to establish a Sister City relationship with Arsuz Municipality of Hatay Province. We have received the Municipal Council Resolution of Arsuz Municipality dated 03.04.2023 related to this issue.
    After the earthquake that occurred on February 6, 2023, and was felt in 11 provinces, Bodrum Municipality has continued our efforts to serve the affected citizens.
    The work commenced with food and clothing donations from Bodrum and subsequently, Bodrum Municpality initiated various enhancements in the city to improve the quality of life for our citizens. The municipality removed all the tents in the city. As part of the renovations undertaken in Bodrum & Hatay Arsuz Friendship City, we installed 290 container houses, offering accommodation for up to 1,400 residents. Within the container city, all amenities such as showers, kitchens, sofa groups, beds, televisions, air conditioning, stoves and water heaters have been made available to our citizens. Furthermore, Bodrum Municipality has maintained services such as social facilities, storage areas, a barbershop, a hair salon, a cafe, a market, children's play areas, a library, a pharmacy, a health booth, a nursery and a laundry facility to continue serving our citizens.
    Additionally, Bodrum Municipality has created walking and cycling paths around the container city and the municipal teams have handled infrastructure, landscaping and environmental safety measures. Once the work is completed, Friendship City will be handed over to the local administration in the region in accordance with a predetermined plan.