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Sister Cities

Ovacık / TUNCELİ

Bodrum & (Tunceli) Ovacık 
Sister City Relations

    Ovacık district, located in the north of Tunceli, is the largest district in Tunceli province. Access to the district, which is 65 km away from the city center, is provided through a road filled with unique natural views located in the Munzur Valley National Park. 
    Ovacık Plain is one of the largest and most important agricultural areas in Tunceli province. The main agricultural products in the district, which are wheat and beans, are squeezed into a short period of three months due to the very cold, snowy, and long winter season. The beekeeping activity during the summer months has made significant progress in the last decade. Almost every family in the villages affiliated with the district is engaged in small-scale animal husbandry. Munzur Waterfalls, which are known for their tourist and sacred qualities, are located 20 kilometers west of the district. 
    The livelihood of the people mostly depends on agriculture and animal husbandry, and the Munzur Springs, which are the starting point of the Munzur River and add a separate beauty to the district and become a center of tourist attraction. The "Red Spotted Trout," which is world-famous and lives only in the Munzur River, is one of the important products of the district. According to the data of 2021, the population of the district center is 6,366, and the population of its villages is 2,613, making a total of 8,979. 
    Ovacık Municipality is implementing a program to increase production and reintegrate people who have been excluded from production by providing necessary support for the cultivation of legumes. In addition to the legume sorting and packaging facility established in the district between 2009-2014, 50 women were provided with 5 acres of land, seeds, tractors, and feed support. The aim of this program being implemented is to reintroduce people who have been cut off from their traditional production methods and left unemployed and unproductive in the district. 
After the decision of the Ovacık Municipality Council dated 11.03.2022, a Sister City relationship was established between the two city municipalities with the decision taken on 12.06.2022 by the Bodrum Municipality Council.
    Bodrum Municipality sent a delegation to Ovacık on the dates between July 25th - 28th, 2023. This delegation consisted of 7 members, representing Bodrum Municipality, including Agricultural Services Acting Director - Agr. Eng. Mehmet Ali BAHAR, Agr. Eng. Ercan PEHLIVAN, Agr. Eng. Abdurrahim DÖNMEZ and Municipal Council Members Cafer DOĞAN, Mustafa COŞKUN, Özden BAYSAL and Numan CÖMERT.
    During the visit, the delegate representing Bodrum Munciipality examined the agricultural activities carried out by Ovacık Municipality, identified good practices and shared project experiences related to agricultural activities between the two municipalities.