Bodrum Municipality




The launch event for the Okutan Bodrum Project, organized in collaboration with the Municipality and the Turkish Education Foundation (TEV) Muğla Branch, was held.

The Okutan Bodrum Project, designed to provide scholarship support to university students residing in Bodrum, who are struggling to continue their education due to financial difficulties, was publicly introduced under the leadership of Bodrum Municipality and TEV Muğla Branch.

The launch event, held on Thursday, June 6, at the Marina Yacht Club, was attended by Bodrum District Governor Mustafa Çit, Deputy Mayor İlknur Ülküm Seferoğlu, Bodrum Municipality General Coordinator Emel Çakaloğlu, Turkish Education Foundation Chairman Prof. Dr. Mehmet Şükrü Tekbaş, TEV General Manager Banu Taşkın, deputy mayors, municipal council members, representatives and members of political parties, representatives of NGOs and Chambers, donors and press members.

In his opening remark at the project launch, TEV Chairman Prof. Dr. Mehmet Şükrü Tekbaş expressed his thoughts as follows:

"With the cooperation of Bodrum Municipality and the support of the people of Bodrum, we aim to support university students facing financial difficulties through the ‘Okutan Bodrum Project’. The essence of this project is to illuminate the educational journeys of our young people and to help them look to the future with hope. On this occasion, I would like to thank Mr. Mayor Tamer Mandalinci for supporting the ‘Okutan Bodrum Project’. On behalf of the Turkish Education Foundation, I extend our deepest gratitude to all stakeholders who contributed to making this project a reality.”

"We highly value equal opportunities in education.”

Speaking on behalf of Mayor Tamer Mandalinci, General Coordinator Emel Çakaloğlu emphasized the importance of equal opportunities in education and stated:

"We highly value equal opportunities in education and on collaborations that will help our children and young people step confidently into the future. It fills us with both pride and excitement to contribute to our children's future alongside our philanthropic citizens. We recognize that local governments have the responsibility to meet basic needs and improve the quality of life through a social municipality approach. Therefore, rest assured that we shall do our part to initiate and sustain a local education movement. By continuing to support education and training in Bodrum, we will collectively contribute to raising confident, conscientious, happy and healthy individuals."

"I wish the 'Okutan Bodrum project' to be beneficial for Bodrum."

Bodrum District Governor Mustafa Çit, in his speech, wished for the ‘Okutan Bodrum Project’, implemented in collaboration with the ‘Turkish Education Foundation’ (TEV), to be beneficial for Bodrum. Çit said, "I sincerely thank all individuals and institutions who contributed to the realization of this important project. I wholeheartedly believe that with the ‘Okutan Bodrum Project’, we shall make a meaningful impact on our bright students' educational lives and illuminate their futures. I hope that this step taken to ensure equal opportunities in education will significantly contribute to Bodrum's development in the field of education. Together, we will continue to work hand in hand for a brighter future.”

A Celebration With Art

The event featured an exhibition showcasing works by TEV scholarship recipients from Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University's Faculty of Fine Arts. The Bodrum City Orchestra concert, with its rich repertoire and performances, provided an unforgettable night for the audience. Highlights of the concert included performances by Tenor Artist Deniz Kurt and Didem Kasal Esentürk. The evening, held to support education, concluded with mutual certificates and flowers presented to the artists.