Bodrum Municipality




World Environment Day, celebrated on June 5, was marked in Bodrum with a series of events organized by the Municipality on June 5 and 6.

The World Environment Day celebrations held at the Municipality Square on Thursday, June 6, attracted a large crowd and aimed to raise awareness and highlight environmental sensitivity. The program began with a parade from Milta Bodrum Marina to Municipality Square, accompanied by the Bodrum Band, and continued with environmentally themed activities.

Representing Mayor Tamer Mandalinci, Municipal Council Member Niyazi Atare, CHP Bodrum District President Tuna Işın, CHP Women's Branch President Umut Anıl Özdoğan, Deputy Mayor Yaşar Çelikkan, General Coordinator Emel Çakaloğlu, municipal department heads, municipal council members, students, citizens and members of the press attended the event organized by the Municipality Cleaning Affairs Directorate.

Following a moment of silence and the singing of the National Anthem, Deputy Mayor Yaşar Çelikkan made the following remarks:

"We believe that to preserve Bodrum's greenery, blue texture and natural beauty for future generations, we must address environmental issues holistically and adopt a local governance approach that respects the environment and cherishes the nature and values of Bodrum. We integrate planning, waste management and infrastructure into a comprehensive approach and prepare our management plan accordingly. We strive to implement our planning and investments with a focus on environmental protection and sustainability.”

Following the speeches, Deputy Mayor Yaşar Çelikkan and Municipal Council Member Niyazi Atare presented plaques to the sponsors who supported the program. The two most successful students who applied to the Culture & Social Affairs Directorate were awarded laptops and desktop computers obtained through the recycling of electronic waste collected at the 1st Class Waste Collection Center.

As part of the World Environment Day events, the Waste Clothing Fashion Show and Band Performance with Waste Materials prepared by the students of Bitez Gülümser Mehmet Danacı Primary School were well-received by the participants.

Under the theme "We All Have One World" for World Environment Day 2024, cotton candy, popcorn and various workshops were offered at stalls throughout the day.

Tree Planting by the Municipality

As part of the World Environment Day celebrations, a tree planting event was held at Ortakent Çaldırak 30 Ağustos Victory Park. During the event, organized in cooperation with the Bodrum Municipality Park & Gardens Directorate and the Cleaning Affairs Directorate, 30 maple trees and 28 trumpet vines were planted and watered.