Bodrum Municipality




Bodrum's Night of Victory

Bodrum Football Club’s promotion to the Super League was celebrated with a grand evening in Bodrum

On Sunday evening, June 2nd, thousands of fans gathered at Bodrum Municipality Square to celebrate Bodrum Football Club's promotion to the Super League. The celebrations included a city tour with vehicle convoys carrying team players and fans.

The festivities began after the convoy carrying the players arrived from Milta Bodrum Marina to Municipality Square. Hosted by DJ Ersin, the event saw the Board of Directors of Bodrum Football Club, team players, technical staff and officials take the stage to lift the trophy. The evening was filled with speeches, a fireworks display, the trophy ceremony and a concert by Bülent Serttaş, bringing joyous moments to Bodrum residents.

The President of Bodrum Football Club Fikret Öztürk expressed his gratitude to everyone who supported them throughout the journey, specifically thanking former Club President Rıza Karakaya and his team for their contributions. Öztürk emphasized the need for ongoing support from everyone.

Mayor Tamer Mandalinci shared the joy of the promotion to the Super League, stating:

“God does not allow us to dream of anything He won't make happen. This land, this city, you all believed in this team. Today, we are celebrating Bodrumspor, our ninety-three-year-old pride, being promoted to the Super League in this square. This team is yours and no matter how proud you are of it, it will never be enough.”

Bodrum District Governor Mustafa Çit conveyed his respectful greetings and congratulations, while CHP Muğla Member of Parliament Süreyya Öneş Derici said, "Our beloved Bodrumspor is in the Super League. I congratulate each and every one of those who contributed. This is what our hometown deserves."

Muğla Metropolitan Mayor Ahmet Aras noted that they were experiencing a historic moment: “In the nearly hundred-year history of the club, we have achieved great successes in recent years. But this year is different. It is rare for a district in Muğla or even in the Aegean, to reach the Super League. Supporting this team is our duty. From now on, we shall all take pride in the successes of Bodrumspor. With these sentiments, I promise to provide the greatest support to Bodrumspor from Muğla.”

Muğla Governor İdris Akbıyık stated that since 1931, Bodrumspor and the people of Bodrum have endured great hardships, worked hard and today, they have succeeded. "With your support, all of Muğla has become united and their hearts beat for Bodrumspor. This team will achieve great successes in the Super League as well. As the Governor's Office, we shall support Bodrumspor with all our resources. We will do our best to provide a beautiful stadium for Bodrum. Bodrum is a paradise on earth, a paradise corner of our country, the center of tourism, and now also the center of sports.”

After the speeches, the evening continued with a fireworks display and a musical feast featuring Bülent Serttaş’s most popular songs. Bodrumspor fans, sharing in the excitement, had delightful moments singing along to Bülent Serttaş’s song "Bodrum Evenings” (Bodrum Akşamları).