Bodrum Municipality




Mayor Ahmet Aras has released a special message for World Disability Day, marked by various events since 1992.

Mayor Ahmet Aras expressed the following sentiments regarding the "World Disability Day," an internationally recognized day since 1992:

"The 1st Article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states, 'All individuals are born free and equal in dignity and rights. Endowed with reason and conscience, they should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.' Consequently, we must universally acknowledge the fact that we are born free and equal."

"Human rights are universal"

"At the heart of leading a life based on rights lies the acceptance of the principle that 'human rights are universal.' If each individual possesses equal rights and freedoms, then all the citizens should be able to live independently within society, acquire opportunities for self-realization, and see an equal improvement in their quality of life. We should be able to offer independent living opportunities equally to every individual and increase their visibility in life proportionally. This way, we approach all of humanity with the principle of equality."

"Disability, described by various terms such as inability, disadvantage, deficiency, physical and mental impairment limiting normal success, is a significant misconception to perceive as an 'identity marker.' As a result of this misconception, the disabled individuals are categorized into different groups and are considered significant minorities in social relationships. To eliminate this understanding that brings problems such as poverty, exclusion and discrimination, there are essential tasks for both political and public administrators."

"The duty of politicians for both disabled individuals and other disadvantaged groups is to protect their fundamental rights and freedoms, ensure their ability to sustain their existence in social life and work for them to be part of sustainable development."

"Disabled individuals expect respect, unconditional acceptance and love from society"

"By acting according to the concept of equal citizenship, we must show that we respect disabled individuals. In this context, we should develop policies and strategies in favor of groups that are discriminated against in society, experience discrimination and therefore cannot access certain rights or have limited access, by accepting positive discrimination. We must organize the entirety of methods and practices in this context and ensure the participation of disabled individuals in social life with positive discrimination practices."

"We are aware that prejudice is the biggest obstacle"

"As the local government, we have a responsibility to make our city safe for all citizens, including disabled individuals, at all hours of the day. Being aware that prejudice is the biggest obstacle, we aim to include disabled individuals in social life and create awareness in this regard. We value Bodrum as an accessible, disabled-friendly city. Since the first day we took office, we have been careful to move forward with a social municipality understanding, taking steps to prioritize our disadvantaged citizens, respond to their needs, and make their lives easier."

"We are making the city's public areas, infrastructure, and superstructure suitable for disabled-friendly arrangements. While building disabled beaches and parks, our municipal teams provide temporary shelter, patient transfer, and medical material support for our disabled citizens. We provide training services for disabled individuals within the scope of the protocol made with the Directorate of Public Education. We conduct live broadcasts for the accessibility of every individual to the municipal council publications and collaborate with experts for our disabled citizens in this context."

"Every individual's presence should be felt in urban policies"

"The prerequisite for a democratic governance structure is to feel the presence of every individual in urban policies. We want citizens from all segments of society (disabled, children, elderly, women) to have a say in solving urban problems and increasing the quality of life. We are building the rise of our city with a democratic structure by including our female deputy mayors, female directors, and children's council in urban decision-making processes."

"We hope for an inclusive life"

"With the belief that mental and physical differences will not create obstacles among us, we are not only with disabled individuals on December 3 but always. We know that the presence of disabled individuals in our social life will strengthen our society even more. With social empathy and solidarity, we hope to overcome all obstacles and build an inclusive life."

"We are aware that December 3 International Day of Persons with Disabilities, which provides an opportunity to bring the problems faced by disabled individuals to the agenda and discuss solutions on international and national platforms, has played a pioneering role in the inclusion of disabled individuals in the fabric of life and increasing their visibility in social life."

"I hope for the seamless participation of our disabled individuals in social, economic, political, and cultural life in every aspect and extend my respect to all individuals who make December 3 International Day of Persons with Disabilities meaningful."