Bodrum Municipality




Presented through the collaborative efforts of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality and Bodrum Municipality, the Stratonikeia Visual Arts and Poetry Exhibition graced its opening on Monday, November 27, at 5:00 PM at the Herodot Cultural Center, courtesy of Bodrum Municipality.

Among the distinguished attendees were Mayor Ahmet Aras; Emel Çakaloğlu, the General Coordinator and Municipal Council Member of Bodrum Municipality; Deputy Mayor Turgay Kaya, CHP Bodrum District President Tuna Işın and Sadettin Özbek, the Chairman of Muğla Art Lovers Association.

Extending its visual and poetic allure until December 3, the exhibition unfolds the thematic works of 80 diverse artists, all centered around the captivating history of Stratonikeia. Poetic finesse is added with the inclusion of works by Hamdi Topçuoğlu, a respected Poet and Writer.

Curated by Semra Gönül, the Stratonikeia Visual Arts and Poetry Exhibition is presented to art enthusiasts by Sadettin Özbek and Nail Ongun.

Addressing the significance of the ancient civilizations that left profound traces on this land over thousands of years, Mayor Ahmet Aras emphasized the responsibility of conveying the heritages of these civilizations to future generations and current residents of Bodrum and the Muğla region. He stated, 'Every step taken by people walking on these mountains leaves a mark, and every time you wield a shovel or operate an excavator, be aware that you might be damaging some of these traces.'

Reflecting on the impact of art on the human spirit, Mayor Aras remarked, 'Art refines the human soul, providing a different perspective and a window. Generations molded by art are absolutely not inclined towards violence against women, child abuse, or the destruction of nature.' He expressed gratitude to everyone contributing to the world of art.