Bodrum Municipality





The inauguration of Üç Fidan Park (Three Saplings Park), completed by the Bodrum Municipality, took place.

On Saturday, November 25, Three Saplings Park (Üç Fidan Parkı) located on Çökertme Street in Bitez District was officially inaugurated, a development entirely planned and executed by Bodrum Municipality.

Mayor Ahmet Aras, Alkım Denizaslanı from the Republican People's Party Central Executive Board, deputy mayors, municipal council members, the CHP district organization, representatives of NGOs, Bitez Neighborhood Head Seda Özgüçlü, relevant municipal department heads and staff, Devrim Gezmiş (a relative of Deniz Gezmiş), local residents and members of the press participated in the opening event.

The programme commenced with a concert by Can & Aylin, followed by a Moment of Silence and the National Anthem. Messages from absent guests were conveyed after the official opening.

Expressing gratitude for the addition of this beautiful park to Bitez, Village Head Seda Özgüçlü thanked Mayor Ahmet Aras and all those involved in the park's creation.

Mayor Ahmet Aras, in his speech, remarked, "Today, right by the azure Aegean, we have opened a park befitting its name." Aras continued, "When we decided to honor Deniz Gezmiş, Hüseyin İnan and Yusuf Arslan in Bodrum, we chose to immortalize their names by the blue Bodrum sea. Hence, we decided to construct this park in the area, renovating it and completing the walking paths.

Parks play a crucial role in fostering social connections among people, providing a space for children to gather and forming friendships and camaraderie. In Bodrum, there are around 300 parks in total. We extend our thanks to the administrations preceding us for their contributions to these parks. During the service term of ours, we have built a total of 66 parks," offering insights into the existing park infrastructure.

After the speeches, protocol members citizens, and children collectively cut the ribbon, officially opening the park. Children were treated to various refreshments and traditional mind games were distributed as gifts. During the ribbon-cutting, a citizen scattered soil from the graves of Deniz Gezmiş, Hüseyin İnan and Yusuf Arslan onto a flowered area bearing their names.

The park, completed through municipal planning and construction, was officially named "Üç Fidan Park" (Three Saplings Park) on June 1, 2023, through a Municipal Council Resolution, as a tribute to the pioneering figures of the youth movement - Deniz Gezmiş, Hüseyin İnan and Yusuf Arslan.

Bodrum Municipality's "Üç Fidan Park" covers a total area of 5,300 square meters, featuring a green space of 3,550 square meters. Facilities within the park include a seaside walking path, a children's play area, an open activity space, a sports area for adults and dedicated children's tables.