Bodrum Municipality




Ambassador Periša Kastratović and Secretary Dragan Krivokapic of Montenegro paid a courtesy visit to Bodrum Municipality.

On Monday, November 20, Ambassador Periša Kastratović and Secretary Dragan Krivokapic met with the Acting Mayor Tamer Mandalinci on behalf of Mayor Aras and General Coordinator Emel Çakaloğlu at the mayoral office.

Following a courtesy visit to Bodrum District Governor Mustafa Çit, Ambassador Kastratović and Secretary Krivokapic, during their visit to the mayor's office, shared insights into tourism and discussed the structural and economic conditions of Budva Riviera and Montenegro.

Ambassador Kastratović noted the similarities between Bodrum and Budva (Montenegro), highlighting their shared significance as crucial tourism destinations for the Mediterranean and their countries. Kastratović suggested that establishing a potential sister city relationship between the two could lead to higher levels of development, both structurally and economically, through successful practices, experiences and a tourism corridor. Ambassador Kastratović also touched upon recent developments in the economy, trade and tourism in Budva and Montenegro.

Acting Mayor Mandalinci emphasized that Bodrum and Budva are indispensable tourism destinations in the Mediterranean basin, noting a growing number of people traveling from Turkey, including Bodrum, to Montenegro for both vacation and business purposes in recent years.

The delegation expressed the belief that Montenegro and Bodrum could share successful practices and experiences in various areas, ranging from waste management to other local government services, tourism diversity and promotion, creating a special bond between them.

The delegation members stated that after approval from the Ministry of Environment, Urbanism & Climate Change, the mayors would formalize the sister city protocol. They highlighted the significant contribution these two valuable cities, sharing the common natural and historical texture of the Mediterranean, could make in realizing their great potentials in various fields.

After the meeting, acting Mayor Mandalinci presented gifts to the Montenegrin delegation.