Bodrum Municipality




Life continues in the ‘Arsuz & Bodrum Sister City - Container City’ established by Bodrum Municipality.

Efforts to enhance and elevate living standards in the ‘Arsuz & Bodrum Sister City Container City’, which was established in collaboration between Bodrum Municipality and volunteers in response to the February 6 earthquake, are ongoing.

Originally designed as a tent/container city and later transformed into a container city to better suit living conditions, the 20,000-square-meter EXPO area now houses 282 living containers. Each container in the completed infrastructure area is equipped with essential living amenities such as a kitchen, bathroom, hot water, air conditioning, seating area, bedroom set, carpet, curtains and garden furniture, providing suitable conditions for a family of four. In times of need, food support is also extended to families.

In order to create comfortable and convenient spaces for residents in the earthquake-affected area, the area has seen continuous development. It now features round-the-clock security, a pharmacy, clinic, library, mosque, 2 psychosocial support centers, 2 children's parks, 2 laundries, a barber shop, hair salon, public education center, kindergarten, basketball-volleyball and mini football fields, a youth center, bicycle-walking paths, as well as green and recreational areas. The ongoing efforts, carried out in collaboration with Arsuz District Governorship and Arsuz Municipality, will be further developed.

Mayor Aras emphasized the progress in improving living standards through the ongoing work in the region, stating, "We continue our efforts in the earthquake-affected area in cooperation with the Arsuz District Governorship and Arsuz Municipality. As a municipality, we took determined and well-planned steps from the very beginning with the aim of providing not just temporary but permanent assistance in a place where significant material and moral losses were experienced. Although seven months have passed since the earthquake, we will persist in supporting the earthquake victims, whose pain remains as fresh as the first day."

Having recently paid a formal visit to Bodrum Municipality, Asaf Güven, the Mayor of Arsuz and his delegation presented a monument erected in Bodrum Municipality Square to Ahmet Aras, the Mayor of Bodrum to express their gratitude for the valuable support provided by the people of Bodrum and the municipality to the Hatay Arsuz region.