Bodrum Municipality




With the support of Bodrum Municipality, the Silent Cafe has opened in Turgutreis.

On September 23, Saturday, with the support of Bodrum Municipality, a Silent Cafe for individuals with hearing impairments was opened in collaboration with the 'Marmara Hearing Impaired Association.’

On behalf of the Mayor Aras himself, the opening ceremony was attended by the Acting Mayor Emel Çakaloğlu, Marmara Hearing Impaired Association Founder President Şebnem Şen, and citizens.

In her opening speech, Şebnem Şen, the Founder Chairperson of the 'Marmara Hearing Impaired Association,' expressed her appreciation to Mayor Aras for their support, highlighting the cafe's significance as a rehabilitation center for those with hearing impairments.

Deputy Mayor Çakaloğlu noted that various departments of Bodrum Municipality had worked diligently under the directives of Mayor Aras to transform the cafe into its current state. She emphasized the municipality's commitment to continue supporting projects that benefit the public, guided by the principles of social governance.

Located on Manzara Avenue, 4131 Street, Turgutreis Neighborhood, the cafe has been specially designed to enable individuals with hearing impairments to communicate and express themselves comfortably. The cafe will also have staff members proficient in sign language, contributing to the socialization of individuals with hearing impairments. At the event center, where sign language brochures are distributed to participants, special courses for the hearing-impaired individuals are planned.

The cafe, meticulously designed for citizens to enjoy their time, awaits visitors.