Bodrum Municipality




In a joint effort between Bodrum Municipality and Kos Municipality to foster friendship and brotherhood, a delegation from Kos has arrived in Bodrum for a concert event.

Following a concert held in Kos on August 25th, the Kos delegation arrived in Bodrum this morning for the concert scheduled for this evening, September 15th, at Kumbahçe Neighborhood's Halikarnas concert area, organized by Bodrum Municipality.

The 50-member delegation, including Theodosis Nikitaras, the Mayor of Kos was welcomed at Bodrum Main Harbor by Mayor Aras and his accompanying team. After the reception, the delegation toured Bodrum Castle and was hosted at the Mayor's Office.

"We will always uphold our centuries-old brotherhood."

The mayors, appearing in front of the cameras before the tour of Bodrum Castle, expressed their satisfaction at the coming together of the two shores of the Aegean with such beautiful events.

Mayor Aras stated in his remarks, "Our neighbors, our relatives have come to visit us today. Here in Bodrum, we are hosting the second step of the 'peace, friendship, democracy, brotherhood' event, following the one, organized in Kos on August 25th. They hosted us there fifteen days ago. Now, we are hosting them in Bodrum. As you know, bilateral relations in peace and friendship, whether between countries or cities, should begin at the local level, and it is crucial to establish and nurture them locally. We shall always defend and uphold our centuries-old neighborliness, friendship and brotherhood. Of course, there will be critics, but I urge them to consider the wisdom and compassion behind extending a hand of peace."

Theodosis Nikitaras, the Mayor of Kos expressed his heartfelt thanks, stating, "We have received a genuinely warm welcome and there is a sincere atmosphere of friendship here. We bring greetings and love from Kos to everyone. I would like to extend my warm thanks to my dear friend Ahmet and my colleague, Mr. Mayor Aras, for this gracious reception."