Bodrum Municipality




Bodrum Municipality is currently harvesting 8,750 artichokes, which were planted in the final months of last year.

Under the scope of increasing agricultural production and ensuring product diversity, Bodrum Municipality's Directorate of Agricultural Services began harvesting artichokes in November 2022 in Karaova Kemer Neighborhood.

Officials from Bodrum Municipality's Directorate of Agricultural Services stated that the Bayrampaşa artichoke, a perennial plant grown on an 11-decare municipal property, has high nutritional value and is a delicious variety. Despite being the first harvest of this type, the use of scientific techniques has resulted in high productivity, with an estimated yield of approximately 1 ton.

The teams, who are determined to continue their work as part of Mayor Ahmet Aras' Agricultural Development Initiative, will also harvest lavender and einkorn wheat, which are grown on municipal property, in the coming days.

The municipality teams aim to conduct soil analyses and provide guidance on cultivating suitable agricultural products in the region, as well as promoting the planting of new agricultural products for the residents.