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Bodrum Municipality Deputy Mayor



Born in 1982 in Hacıbektaş, Tayfun Yılmaz the Deputy Mayor of Bodrum Municipality completed his primary and middle school in Ankara. He started Bursa Işıklar Military High School in 1996 and the Turkish Military Academy in 2001 and graduated as a system engineer in 2005.

As YILMAZ served at home and abroad in the Turkish Armed Forces staff, he also served as management consultant, as a Guide for ‘mission & vision – winning’ and gave ‘psychological warfare training’ lessons.

Having resigned on his own will from the rank of Captain from the Turkish Armed Forces in 2016, YILMAZ served between 2016-2019 as the ‘Human Resources Branch Manager’ in the ‘Muski General Directorate’ of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, and as the Director of Private Secretariat in Bodrum Municipality in 2019.

YILMAZ has been continuing to his master’s degree in ‘Political Science & Public Administration’. Speaking fluent English, Tayfun YILMAZ is married and father of two, whose names are Defne and Çağan.