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Bodrum Municipality Deputy Mayor


Deputy Mayor of Bodrum


Having served in Bodrum Municipality for 15 years, Yaşar Çelikkan has held various positions, chronologically; the Coordinator of Business Development and Personnel at Gıda Inc., Coordinator of Cultural, Social & Sports Events, the Coordinator of Inter-Institutional Relations at Bodrum Municipality, Head of the Beaches Department within the Environmental Protection & Control Directorate, the Chief of Staff, the Director of Managements & Affiliates and the Director of Senitation Services.

Çelikkan has served on the board of directors of the City Council for two terms.

Çelikkan has been founder, member and chairman of various NGOs, including BOÇED, GÜSEYAD, Bodrum Çukurovalılar (Çukurova Townsmen) Cultural & Solidarity Association and Adanalılar (Adana Townsmen) Association.

Having been a member of ‘the Muğla Board of Directors - Genel-İş Union’ affiliated with DİSK, Çelikkan stood as a candidate at Bodrum Municipal Council membership in the previous term as well.

Born in Adana in 1969, Yaşar Çelikkan is a father of two daughters. Having resided in Bodrum for 32 years, Çelikkan has completed his education in Sociology and Justice. Çelikkan possesses a personality that has actively contributed to numerous projects generating political and societal benefits, gaining recognition at the grassroots of the local community. He is a member of Bodrum Sports Club and has been a founder and administrator in many NGOs in Bodrum. 

Departments under the Supervision of Deputy Mayor Yaşar Çelikkan:

  • The Directorate of Climate Change & Zero Waste Solutions
  • The Directorate of Senitation Services